Our mission is to promote the methods and madness of gardening in one’s kitchen.
Unfortunately when the food budget gets tight fresh vegetables may fall off the shopping list. That is not good.
With a little information and work you can put fresh food back on the diet by sprouting those economical beans that you purchased instead of grocery store vegetables.
This blog is established as a meeting place to provide tutorials, information, help, discussion and encouragement for new and veteran kitchen counter gardeners.
I would like to invite you to become a contributor to the Kitchen Counter Gardening Blog.  As a WordPress blog we can have several authors and contributors.If you have not participated in kitchen counter gardening don’t worry. That can actually be useful. I would be great to have contributions from totally new gardeners.If you have been sprouting, growing herbs, raising wheat grass, and more…. that is even better.
I am convinced that fresh foods would be of benefit. And, I’m equally convinced that is more people knew how easy it was to create fresh foods using sprouting and other kitchen techniques that they would.I am equally convinced that if a group gets going on this project that this small idea can blossom into something that might (in its own small way) help alleviate some of the crushing hunger that is unfortunately so rampant.