Sprouting seeds to eat (via Natural Living Diaries)

It is so wonderful to come across fellow bloggers intent on sprouting. Again I was captivated by the gorgeous pictures. Juice bars seem to be springing up everywhere and people are talking about the advantages of wheatgrass juice and sprouting seeds. As a person who mills my own flour, I always have a large supply […]

Metal versus Plastic Lids

First of all when speaking of metal we should declare that we intend to speak only of stainless steel. The wire mesh used in your windows may be aluminum.  This is not a good idea when working with food.  Do now use aluminum for making sprouting jar lids unless there is nothing else available. If […]

Mixed Seed

These particular seeds are from a ten year old batch of mixed salad seeds that I purchased over the internet. I have had these guys with me for a long time. Mostly because they were such a pain to work with the first time I tried. But, now with my new stainless steel mesh sprouting […]

Cucumber and kiwi tartine and sprouting some seeds. (via Myfrenchkitchen)

The pictures on this blog post make me want to double and re-double my sprouting efforts. Seed sprouting has made this kitchen so alive and vibrant. I must rush off eat something green and put some a handful of seeds in a jar 🙂 Sprouting seeds is so easy. Healthy. Available to everybody. If you […]

Lentils (French) Sprouts

French Lentils take 4+ days to reach (what I consider) optimal eating size. After my first experience with lentils, I would have to rank them as pretty easy to sprout. A little slower than my friends the mung beans. But their more delicate flavor more than makes up for it. In my limited experience, they […]

Which Seeds Are Safe?

As the title of this blog implies, not all seeds are safe to sprout. Fortunately there is one rule of thumb that will help you avoid problems: only sprout seeds sold as food. That means, do not grab a packet of seeds from your local plant nursery for sprouting. Plant seeds are often treated with […]

My Sprouting Experiment (via Me. Myself. And Food)

Poking around wordpress.com I stumbled across a buckwheat sprouting experiment. Nicely written with good photos. Definitely from a fellow sprouting adventurer. We already know why eating sprouted foods is so good for us.  Don’t we?  Let me recap just in case.    Sprouting brings seeds to life so enzymes,  phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and nutrients become readily available so […]

Simple Mung Bean Sprouts

This blog will cover the chronology of me sprouting simple mung beans. The procedure has been built around my busy life style. I’ve selected times and quantities that work within the parameters of my life rather than what might be the theoretical optimal conditions for sprouting. I have made many, many batches of sprouts this […]


Note to others that might be looking at this draft: It is a draft. When you start poking around in journals such as  Effects of sprouting on nutrient and antinutrient composition of kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris var. Rose coco) found in the European Food Research and Technology, you will notice things such as antinutrients. What […]

Making A Sprouting Jar

This article will illustrate how to create a nice set of sprouting jars from items found in your local super market chain store. I find that for me stainless steel makes for an easier screen to work with. The water goes in and out of the jar easier — when compared to plastic. Also these […]